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Del Norte

Rio Grande County, Colorado

How to Get There

From Del Norte: Head west out of town on Grand Ave/US-160 W from Oak St. approx 0.5 miles to Pinos Rd. Continue on Co Rd 14/Pinos Creek Rd approx 13.8 miles to trail access.

Detailed Description


Adopted Trails

Trail System Information

Location: 37.5342833333, -106.5124
Location is:
Nearest City: Del Norte
Difficulty (1-10):
Distance (mi):
Time (hh:mm):
Lowest Elevation (ft):
Highest Elevation (ft):
Best for: MotorcycleATVUTV

Note that not all of the trails in an area will be open to all vehicle types. Follow the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)s and signage for the area and ride only on trails open to and wider than your OHV.

Maps/GPS files: PDF ZIP KMZ

Visit the Trail Maps page for download/print instructions, information about the Avenza App for PDF files, or a complete list of available maps!

More Info: Divide Ranger District (719) 657-3321
  Rio Grande National Forest (719) 852-5941
  MVUM Page

Nearby Trails

Trail Name   Trail Width Length (mi)
Acascosa   Motorcycle   1.39
Alamosa Rock   Motorcycle   5.39
Alder Bench   Motorcycle   6.46
Archulata   ATV   12.75
Bear Creek   Motorcycle   4.6
Benino   ATV   5.2
Bennett   ATV   11.03
Big Lake (Shawcroft)   Motorcycle   0.37
Big Lake (Shawcroft)   Motorcycle   0.21
Big Lake (Shawcroft)   Motorcycle   1.06
Burro   ATV   7.13
Castle Rock   ATV   1.5
Cathedral   Motorcycle   3.72
Church Creek   ATV   2.41
Continental Divide NST   Motorcycle   6.31
Continental Divide NST   ATV   10.29
Continental Divide NST   Motorcycle   0.9
Continental Divide NST   Motorcycle   1.73
Cross Creek   ATV   4.69
Dry Creek   ATV   6.28
East Fk Middle Pole   Motorcycle   6.37
Embargo   Motorcycle   5.88
Empedrado Lake   Motorcycle   6.3
Fistco-Fitton   ATV   3.11
Fremont   ATV   0.65
Fremont   ATV   0.62
Groundhog   ATV   2.84
Groundhog   Motorcycle   3.44
Hidden Lake   Motorcycle   1.64
Hot Creek   Motorcycle   3.86
Hot Creek   Motorcycle   3.47
Hughes Trail   ATV   3.31
La Garita Creek   Motorcycle   6.49
La Garita Creek   Motorcycle   4.7
La Garita Creek Cut-Off   ATV   2.42
La Garita Creek Cut-Off   ATV   1.52
La Garita Creek Cut-Off   Motorcycle   1.39
La Garita SD   ATV   15.98
La Garita SD   ATV   29.94
La Garita SD   Motorcycle   0.79
La Garita SD Cut-Off   ATV   0.01
Lake Fork   Motorcycle   3.19
Lost Trail   ATV   6.5
Middle Alder   ATV   5.03
Middle Pole   Motorcycle   2.32
Miner's Creek   Motorcycle   8.83
Munger Canyon   ATV   2.29
Palisade   Motorcycle   2.05
Perry Creek   ATV   8.19
Pole Creek   Motorcycle   3.07
Saddle Creek   Motorcycle   4.89
Sawmill Gulch   Motorcycle   2.04
Shady   ATV   11.44
Shrader   Motorcycle   4.71
Silver Mtn   Motorcycle   12.22
South Rock   ATV   1.93
Tewskberry   ATV   6.09
Trout   Motorcycle   3.87
Trout   Motorcycle   6.58
Valdez   Motorcycle   2.02
West Alder   ATV   1.4
West Alder   Motorcycle   4.63
West Bear   Motorcycle   4.22
West Frisco   ATV   7.59
West Lost   Motorcycle   6.97
Willow Mountain   Motorcycle   9.82
Wolf Creek   ATV   8.74

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