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Grand Mesa Trails

Mesa County, Colorado

How to Get There

From Grand Junction: Take I-70 E about 17 miles to Exit 49. Exit onto CO-65 south towards Grand Mesa. Continue approx. 33 miles to picnic site at west end of trail system.

Detailed Description


Adopted Trails

Trail System Information

Location: 39.0501333333, -108.089316667
Location is:
Nearest City: Grand Junction
Difficulty (1-10):
Distance (mi):
Time (hh:mm):
Lowest Elevation (ft):
Highest Elevation (ft):
Best for: 4WDMotorcycleATVUTV

Note that not all of the trails in an area will be open to all vehicle types. Follow the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)s and signage for the area and ride only on trails open to and wider than your OHV.

Maps/GPS files: PDF ZIP KMZ

Visit the Trail Maps page for download/print instructions, information about the Avenza App for PDF files, or a complete list of available maps!

More Info: Grand Valley Ranger District (970) 242-8211
  Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre, and Gunnison National Forest (970) 874-6600
  MVUM Page

Nearby Trails

Trail Name   Trail Width Length (mi)
Allen   ATV   0.91
Anderson Road Cutoff   ATV   0.23
Aqueduct   ATV   2.4
Battlement   ATV   17.1
Beaver   ATV   3.29
Big Spruce Park   ATV   0.43
Bonham   ATV   2.74
Boundary   ATV   7.52
Boundary Cutoff   ATV   0.67
Brush Creek   ATV   3.5
Buck Mesa   ATV   4.54
Bull & Brown (Granby)   ATV   1.42
Bull Basin   ATV   4.38
Burn   ATV   1.64
Burn   ATV   1.53
Burn   ATV   1.71
Burn   ATV   1.3
Buzzard Cutoff   ATV   2.45
Buzzard Park   ATV   4.5
Carpenter   ATV   0.68
Castle Rock Camp Spur   4WD   0.57
Castle Rock Jeep   4WD   2.02
Cedar Mesa   ATV   2.88
Coal Ck View Jeep   4WD   0.13
Coal Creek Jeep   4WD   1.79
Coal Creek Mesa Jeep   4WD   0.49
Coal Creek Mesa Jeep Spur   4WD   0.17
Crater Lake   4WD   0.04
Crater Lake Jeep   4WD   0.08
Crum Reservoir   ATV   2.68
Divide   ATV   0.95
Drop Off   Motorcycle   2.36
East Brush Creek   ATV   2.87
East Flatiron   ATV   1.21
East Green Mountain   ATV   6.81
East Leon   ATV   8.18
Elijah's Park Trail   ATV   1.33
Elk Park   ATV   1.26
Ella   ATV   1.94
Eureka   ATV   3.92
Eureka Cutoff   ATV   0.15
Greenwood   ATV   3.8
Hawxhurst   ATV   4
Hay Park   ATV   1.61
High   ATV   7.44
Hightower   ATV   4.59
Kimball Creek   ATV   4.06
Lands End   4WD   1.6
Last Chance   ATV   1.47
Lone Cabin Jeep   4WD   5.8
Long Draw Saddle   ATV   2.12
McDonald Mesa Jeep   4WD   0.34
Monument   ATV   12.39
Mule Park   ATV   10.58
Needle Rock Jeep Spur B   4WD   0.07
Needle Rock Jeep Spur C   4WD   0.18
Oil Mtn Loop   ATV   5.31
Owens Loop   ATV   3.53
Pine Plantation   ATV   2.61
Point Camp   Motorcycle   3.59
Porter Cutoff   ATV   1.86
Porter Mountain   ATV   3.08
Power Line   ATV   5.35
Raggeds   ATV   7.03
Raggeds Tie-In   ATV   0.5
Rav 1 Spur   ATV   1.47
Raven Mesa Jeep   4WD   6.56
Rex Reservoir   ATV   0.88
Salt Creek   ATV   6.11
Schoneman Ditch Camp Jeep   4WD   1.23
Scotland   ATV   2.03
Scotland Cutoff   ATV   0.25
Silver Spruce   ATV   8.59
Skimmed Milk   ATV   0.67
Smalley Mountain   ATV   4
Suttons Way   ATV   1.18
Thousand Acre Flat   ATV   2.23
Throughline Jeep Th   4WD   0.24
Todd Reservoir Jeep   4WD   1.75
Todd Reservoir Jeep Spur   4WD   0.15
Todd Reservoir Tie In   4WD   1.41
Tomahawk Res Spur   ATV   0.36
Triangle Stomp   ATV   1.49
Trout Lake   ATV   1.09
Two Peak   ATV   3.88
Virginia Creek Jeep Spur D   4WD   0.29
Virginia Creek Jeep Spur E   4WD   0.34
West Flat Iron   ATV   4
West Green Mountain   ATV   4.8
West Salt Creek   ATV   1.01

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