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Taylor Park Trail System

Gunnison County, Colorado

How to Get There

From Gunnison: Take Highway 135 north towards Crested Butte. When you reach Almont, turn right (northeast) on County Road 742. Follow this up the canyon along the Taylor River. Once at Taylor Park, turn right on County Road 765, and the Trading Post is on the left, along with a large staging area. Unlicensed OHVs are not permitted on CR742, but an OHV route has been built alongside the road to facilitate travel to the north. From Buena Vista: Take West Main Street out of Buena Vista, which turns into County Road 306. This leads west up over Cottonwood Pass, at which the road changes to CR 209 and turns to gravel. Follow this directly into Taylor Park, and take a left on CR742 to head south to the Trading Post. Note: Cottonwood Pass has many tight turns and can be rough depending on weather and traffic conditions. Caution is advised for larger vehicles and trailers.

Detailed Description

Push Pin location is at the Taylor Park Trading Post, on the eastern side of the lake.

Adopted Trails

Trail System Information

Location: 38.8202833333, -106.558033333
Location is:
Nearest City: Crested Butte
Difficulty (1-10):
Distance (mi):
Time (hh:mm):
Lowest Elevation (ft):
Highest Elevation (ft):
Best for: 4WDMotorcycleATVUTV

Note that not all of the trails in an area will be open to all vehicle types. Follow the Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUM)s and signage for the area and ride only on trails open to and wider than your OHV.

Maps/GPS files: PDF ZIP KMZ

Visit the Trail Maps page for download/print instructions, information about the Avenza App for PDF files, or a complete list of available maps!

More Info: Gunnison Field Office (970) 642-4940
  BLM Colorado State Office (303) 239-3600

Nearby Trails

Trail Name   Trail Width Length (mi)
Agate Creek   Motorcycle   9.03
Agate Spur   Motorcycle   0.6
Alder Creek   ATV   0.96
Alder Creek   Motorcycle   2.11
Alpine   Motorcycle   2.3
Bald Mtn Trail   ATV   2.93
Baldy Lake   ATV   2.7
Baldy Lake   Motorcycle   3.07
Bear Creek   Motorcycle   3.7
Bear Creek   Motorcycle   1.48
Bear Gulch   Motorcycle   4.01
Beaver-McIntyre   ATV   2.33
Big Bend Creek   Motorcycle   6.24
Black Gulch   ATV   3.4
Block and Tackle   Motorcycle   3.36
Boulder Lake   Motorcycle   0.3
Brush Creek   Motorcycle   5.7
Brush Creek   ATV   3.58
Brush Creek Jeep Trail   4WD   2.88
Calf Creek Plateau   ATV   1.51
Cameron Gulch   Motorcycle   1.7
Cannibal Plateau   ATV   5.06
Canyon Creek   Motorcycle   1
Canyon Creek   Motorcycle   10.54
Carbon   Motorcycle   9.07
Cement Creek   Motorcycle   0.84
Cement Italian Cutoff   ATV   0.4
Cement Mountain   Motorcycle   6.8
Courduroy Connector   Motorcycle   0.23
Crystal Peak   Motorcycle   0.82
Deadman Gulch   Motorcycle   5.58
Deer Lakes Cutoff   Motorcycle   0.33
Deplar Park Jeep   4WD   2.21
Doctor Park   ATV   0.91
Doctor Park   Motorcycle   2.43
Doctor Park   Motorcycle   0.78
Doctor Park   Motorcycle   9.21
Doctor Park Spur   ATV   0.4
Doubletop   Motorcycle   12.55
Doubletop Walrod Spur   Motorcycle   1.38
Doubletop Waterfall Spur   Motorcycle   0.8
Dr Gulch Trailhead   Motorcycle   0.1
Dutchman Creek   ATV   1.66
Dutchman Creek   Motorcycle   4.33
East Willow   Motorcycle   0.64
Fairview   Motorcycle   2.88
Farris Creek   Motorcycle   0.8
Farris Creek Bypass   Motorcycle   2.71
Five Mile   Motorcycle   0.39
Five Mile Creek   ATV   0.41
Flag Creek   Motorcycle   3.6
Flattop Bench   4WD   0.74
Flattop Branch 2E   4WD   0.84
Flattop Jeep   4WD   5.61
Fossil Bypass   Motorcycle   1.3
Fossil Cutoff   Motorcycle   0.07
Fossil Ridge   Motorcycle   11.4
Gold Creek   Motorcycle   5.98
Green Mountain Trail   ATV   1.47
Gunsight Pass Trail   4WD   1.37
Hancock Pass Jeep   4WD   0.9
Hicks Gulch   Motorcycle   1.9
Hillerton   ATV   1.68
Horseshoe   Motorcycle   3.5
Horseshoe   Motorcycle   1.4
Hunters Creek   Motorcycle   2.49
Italian Connector Trail   Motorcycle   3.44
Italian Pass Jeep Trail   4WD   3.08
Lakeview Campground   ATV   2.39
Left Barret trail   ATV   2.64
Left Hand   Motorcycle   2.87
Left Hand   ATV   3.19
Lily Pond   ATV   0.89
Lily Pond   Motorcycle   3.1
Lime Creek   Motorcycle   0.7
Lime Ridge Jeep   4WD   5.08
Little Mill   Motorcycle   2.4
Long Branch   Motorcycle   3.56
Long Branch   ATV   2.01
Lunch Lake   ATV   0.53
Lunch Lake   Motorcycle   0.48
Matchless   Motorcycle   2.18
McIntyre Gulch   Motorcycle   1.39
Middle Barrett Creek   ATV   1.12
Middle Barrett Creek   Motorcycle   2.84
Middle Quartz Trail   ATV   1.61
Middle Razor Creek   Motorcycle   2.34
Milk Creek   Motorcycle   1.8
Milk Creek Trail   ATV   1.84
Monarch Crest   Motorcycle   11.31
Mount Tilton   Motorcycle   2.4
Mount Tilton   Motorcycle   0.1
Mount Tilton Spur   Motorcycle   0.89
Napolean Pass   4WD   3.01
Napolean Pass   4WD   0.32
Napolean Pass Jeep Spur   4WD   0.5
North Bald Pitkin Cutoff   ATV   1.42
North Gulch   Motorcycle   4.08
Old Tin Cup Pass Jeep Trail   4WD   0.45
Owens-Dutchman Cutoff   ATV   1.87
Owens-Left Hand Connector   ATV   0.91
Perfecto Creek Spur   ATV   1.11
Pine Creek   Motorcycle   6.73
Pitkin Connector   ATV   0.15
Powderhouse Trail   ATV   1.59
Quakey Mountain   Motorcycle   3.1
Razor Creek   ATV   2
Razor Creek   ATV   9.08
Red Rim   Motorcycle   1.21
Reno Ridge   Motorcycle   2.89
Ridge Stock Driveway   ATV   1.16
Ridge Stock Driveway Spur   ATV   0.64
Right Hand   ATV   2.01
Right Hand   Motorcycle   2.49
Rosebud   Motorcycle   2.7
Sanford Creek   ATV   1.62
Sloane Cutoff   Motorcycle   1.5
Sloane Cutoff Spur B   Motorcycle   2.02
Snow Mesa   Motorcycle   0.8
Snow Mesa   Motorcycle   0.5
South Quartz   ATV   2.58
South Quartz   Motorcycle   2.2
Star   Motorcycle   7.88
Star Lily Connector   Motorcycle   2.3
Summit   Motorcycle   17.4
Summit   Motorcycle   14.14
Sun Creek Jeep   4WD   4.2
Tank Seven Creek   Motorcycle   3.4
Taylor Divide   Motorcycle   0.1
Taylor Divide   Motorcycle   1.06
Taylor River   Motorcycle   1.56
Taylor Vista   4WD   0.81
Teocalli Mountain   Motorcycle   1.62
Teocalli Ridge   Motorcycle   4.7
Texas Lakes   ATV   0.72
Threemile Creek   Motorcycle   1.79
Timberline   Motorcycle   11.89
Timberline   Motorcycle   0.01
Timberline   ATV   3.43
Timberline   Motorcycle   8.64
Timberline   ATV   6.33
Tomichi Pass Jeep   4WD   2.22
Triangle Peak Trail   Motorcycle   1.84
Union Canyon   4WD   2.55
Union Canyon Spur   4WD   0.38
Unknown   ATV   1.36
Upper Razor Spur   Motorcycle   0.8
Wager Gulch Mem Trail   ATV   0.5
Walrod Gulch   Motorcycle   1.07
Warm Springs   Motorcycle   0.53
Waterfall Creek   Motorcycle   3.1
Waunita   Motorcycle   2.2
Waunita Pass Connector   ATV   0.07
Waunita Pass Trail   ATV   4.03
Williams Pass Jeep Trail   4WD   1.26
Willow   4WD   0.17
Willow Creek   Motorcycle   0.5
Willow Creek   Motorcycle   1.08
Willow Mine   Motorcycle   0.83

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